De-cat exhaust system with CR-T silencer - Low position

  • Full titanium (€ 1390)

  • Carbon fiber (€ 1390)

  • Full titanium with titanium mesh on the exit of the silencer (€ 1460)

  • Carbon fiber with titanium mesh on the exit of the silencer (€ 1460)

Item Code: Y11-LDE36T
Price: 1390   (Public price incl. VAT)

2-1 De-cat exhaust system in full titanium and CR-T muffler Central collector pipes longer, technology directly developed in MotoGP Conical pipe from 60mm to 70mm with racing muffler 70mm CNC machined full titanium used for the Y pipe Housing for the 2 original sonda lambdaStock exhaust weight:  8,0 KgSC exhaust weight:  2,5 KgWeight reduction:  5,5 KgTo have the maximum performance of the exhaust is recommended to install an added power unit.

Everything to install the exhaust on the bike is included: 1 de-cat exhaust system, 1 muffler, springs and screws, high temperature stickers

24 months SC-Project official warrantyRacing version, not for road use. CR-T is a "Race Replica" muffler, coming directly from the MotoGP, so there is not the possibility to have db-killer inside the CR-T muffler.

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