Oval silencer

  • Carbon fiber with carbon cap (€ 380)

  • Black stainless steel with carbon cap (€ 380)

  • Titanium with carbon cap (€ 380)

Item Code: B11-02C
Price: 380   (Public price incl. VAT)

Slip-on muffler. In the slip-on line the specific link pipe is included in the kit.
Stock exhaust weight:  5 Kg Oval exhaust weight:  2,1 Kg Weight reduction:  2,9 Kg

Performance.  Maximum power increase:  + 2 CV 
It doesn't need any added power unit.
Everything to install the exhaust on the bike is included: 1 muffler, 1 link pipe, 1 stainless steel clamp with the rubber, springs and screws, high temperature stickers, CEE homologation card specific for the motorbike model.
24 months SC-Project official warranty
Street legal version according "EU" regulations. DB Killer removeable to modify from street legal configuration to racing configuration

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BMW R1200GS exhaust test: here you can find the direct link to the German Motorrad Magazine and you can watch part of the test

In August 2013 the famous and noted German Motorrad magazine, which is an absolute point of reference in its sector, compared the 14 best exhaust systems available in the market for the most sold motorbike, that is the BMW R1200 GS 2010-2012 model

The slip-on silencers – all in homologated version- were tested on a tested board and all technical characteristics of all exhaust systems were surveyed and analyzed in order to notice positive and negative characteristics of all tested silencers

The test pointed out that SC-Project silencer for BMW R 1200 GS overcame its competitors both in performance terms and weight reduction

Data are crystal clear: where competitors cause a power waste higher than 6/7%, SC-Project has a 2% improvement and is the best both in performance and weight reduction. As regarding this last data SC-Project is an absolute winner with a record weight reduction of 56,9% than BMW series silencer, and higher of several point than other competitors. Great details and a race motorbike sound characterize SC-Project exhaust system, which is among the best exhaust systems for one of the most sold motorbike – founder of a motorbike type loved by million people – which is a real must to have and represents a life style for a lot of people: the universal motorbike BMW R1200 GS with a Boxer twin engine which is air/oil cooled